December 2014
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Kenpo Karate Workouts for Self-Defense!

I have fond memories of my Jr. High coaches making us suit up – do some warm up laps and then exercises a couple times a week. You see back then schools thought that exercise was an important part of creating a healthy person. Assuming I went to school – I would get worked out every week.

Fast forward to today and I’m not so sure schools think gym class is important as it used to be when I was a kid. Now that I have grown up, gotten out of shape and back into shape (really I’ve always been some kind of shape, i.e. round, rectangle), several times – I now work out for fun! I also often times just do my Kenpo Karate workouts!

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New Coke Commercial Latest Target by Food Police!


Most thinking people know that food does not make you fat. But I was reading this online article entitled, “Coke: It’s the Real Think Keeping You Fat” and once again thought of the food police. You know various forms of government that try to tell you what you can eat.

Now I like the government as it protects us from invaders and stands up for the average citizen rights and collects taxes to do so. We live free in the United States of America. Or at least we like to think we do. But for the most part even though regulation has become stifling - we can still mostly do what we want!

It is bad enough that in some places it is illegal to smoke outside in the open air. Government in their infinite wisdom from time to time takes away freedoms for the greater good. I’m not a smoker but second hand smoke (short of a forest fire) from a cigarettes in the open air do not cause cancer!

Back to the food police – take a look at Cokes new commercial (by the way I do own some Coke stock) and see how long it takes to burn off 140 calories.

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A Couple of Useful APPs for Weight Loss

One of the funny things about coming into the 21st century is learning to discriminate between useful smart phone apps and ones that do not work well for you. I mean most apps at least do what they are programmed to do. So do their task really well or in a why that connects with your lifestyle.

I’ll review a couple of these apps today. I have no affiliation with them but I do work for a major telecom that provides smart phones. My opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.

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Optimize your Exercise Equipment for the Task


Over the holidays I had some bike malfunctions. As some of you may know – mountain bikes or other higher geared bikes do better to shift mostly on the same side. That is so the chain stays mostly straight as possible. That is a lesson I did not get for a couple of years so my chains ended up breaking under a heavy load after a year.

So continuing this theme – I took the bike into the shop and ended up getting new gears and chain but my rear tire was also worn. I had the tire replaced and noticed it was a 2.25 width tire instead of 1.75. I tried it out and found it was good in the dirt. In this post I’ll evaluate the issues I found and how I circumvented them.

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Exercising Safely?

When I was a boy my mom would make me dive onto the floorboards of the car (before seat belts) for safety! Now today this does not sound too safe but the thought was good. Find a way to mitigate injury if the worst happens.

Fast forward to my adult life riding bicycles.  In my 20′s I got a child seat for my bike. I dutifully bought my son a helmet (after all safety first!). Then I would go on rides with out a helmet!!!?

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Is That App Useful?

For a time after I got my new 4G phone, I tried to find apps to help me keep track of my workouts and diet. As an old hand at diets and workouts I thought I knew what I wanted. I wanted a app to count calories but not look up foods. For the workouts I wanted something that would leverage off of my GPS to keep track of my workouts.

Keep in mind I am pre-retirement right now and will never compete at karate or run a marathon. But in my youth I was highly competitive.

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Housing Recovery! What Recovery?

Let me start out by saying that I live in one of the four boom and bust markets, California, Nevada, Arizona and Flordia (CA) and we have seen lots of oppertunity early on in 2009. Back in 2009 prices came down to more reasonable numbers. The reason for this post is supposedly we are in a housing recovery now according to the news talking heads.

Lets examine what is happening now:

  • House prices are still low
  • One can still get loans
  • Mortage rates are low
  • Inventory is low
  • House filliping is back
  • Stock market is suspect
  • Investors are competing for lower priced homes
  • First time home buyers still cannot afford a big price – maybe up to the median

In this post I’ll talk about each bullet point… maybe you will see why this is NOT a real recovery right now from my perspective.

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