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New Coke Commercial Latest Target by Food Police!


Most thinking people know that food does not make you fat. But I was reading this online article entitled, “Coke: It’s the Real Think Keeping You Fat” and once again thought of the food police. You know various forms of government that try to tell you what you can eat.

Now I like the government as it protects us from invaders and stands up for the average citizen rights and collects taxes to do so. We live free in the United States of America. Or at least we like to think we do. But for the most part even though regulation has become stifling - we can still mostly do what we want!

It is bad enough that in some places it is illegal to smoke outside in the open air. Government in their infinite wisdom from time to time takes away freedoms for the greater good. I’m not a smoker but second hand smoke (short of a forest fire) from a cigarettes in the open air do not cause cancer!

Back to the food police – take a look at Cokes new commercial (by the way I do own some Coke stock) and see how long it takes to burn off 140 calories.

When I read the article I got the impression that the author thought that it was a forgone conclusion that Coke is contributing the obesity crisis. Wow. So I can kind of understand why candy and sodas should not be consumed in excess because they are high in sugar and don’t have a lot of nutritious content (unless you needs some quick carbs).

But what I don’t get is the assumption that any one food is bad. Where would this end? I mean does NYC try for another soda ban or better yet a total beer ban??? Wait prohibition has already been tried. That did not end so well as Americans do not like to be told what to do by our government as some point.

I am grown up and I don’t have parents to tell me what I should and should not eat and drink. That is the way I like it.

So what to do about our diet? Keep government out of the way and if you are obese or over-weight – you get to decide how to fix that.

But if you are a “progressive” minded and you want a mommy or daddy to tell you what to do. Please move to another country in Europe where they buy into this mindset.

For me I can consume any food within my daily calorie count including coke and beer. I eat three good healthy meals a day and will consume any extra calories any way I want as an American.

How do you feel?

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3 comments to New Coke Commercial Latest Target by Food Police!

  • I think people should be peacefully allowed to live the life they choose unless they are hurting others.

    For me, happiness is not drinking a coke, but peddling a bike that FAST for a lot longer than 23 minutes

  • I don’t think there’s any reason to tell people what they can/can’t eat. People make those decisions for themselves regardless of any warning labels or potential negative effects. I think it’s up to each individual to decide how they want to live their lives. For the most part, I agree with Dr. J’s comment that as long as somebody’s choice doesn’t infringe on the safety, wellbeing, or rights of others, they can do whatever they want. In the end, we choose how we want to live our lives and what makes us happy.
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  • John W. Zimmer

    Hey Dr J!

    Wise advice. I strive for balance in life… so while I do not normally drink regular cokes – I have to option to drink one (with a bit of rum) when the occasion calls. :)

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