December 2014
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Riding Bike and Meeting People – Having Fun!

I have been having a blast after getting my bike fixed. It is not quite right as the 7th gear does not work yet but really – I don’t go that fast. Today’s workout included bag work, ladder climbs and a short bike ride on the street. You see it rained today and I don’t like getting me or my bike wet.

I still have to be careful about injuring my knees but I find if I start slow for the first 20 minutes – soon I can take a harder workout. It sucks getting old but wisdom is highly coveted as one get older. At least I hope I am not one to hit his head against a wall, but rather have the wisdom to walk around the wall.

As far as weight loss – I have lost 10 pounds in the first month – 40 more to go in the next five months before I reach my mini-goal. Who knows – I may find that I am happy with the mini goal and just work on building some muscle at that point. The thing is I don’t want to be skinny – after all in case of a zombie apocalypse – I may need some fat stores. :)

I met a fellow mountain biker today – Ken. Had a nice chat and found it was fun to have someone to talk to while riding the bike. Ken if you are reading this and want to connect – email me at

That’s all for this week. I’m ignoring politics – still wading through all of the propositions this year – trying to keep the man from borrowing money on my behalf!

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7 comments to Riding Bike and Meeting People – Having Fun!

  • way to go John!I never tried riding off the road. I am afraid my balance ain’t good enough and the damn bike will buck me off!
    a Cowboy from Texas recently posted..Kuru’s to the RescueMy Profile

  • John W. Zimmer

    Hey Bill!

    Yeah the off the road riding is a bit more challenging but when I was a kid – it would have been fun. Heck it is still fun but I have to go slow sometimes. I keep forgetting my camera.

    Recently bought a pump and spare inner tube I keep with me as well as an off-brand camel pack (water with a straw like tube).

    I just need to get a first aid kit and I should be ready – after my legs can handle longer rides. :)

    So far the bike as been good – I just threaten it (the bike)with the scrap heap. :)

  • One step at a time. Don’t give up!!!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted..Gratitude Monday, Cooler Weather & LifeMy Profile

  • I went on an hour ride yesterday on good ole’ Desperado! The pedals and sprockets make cranky noises as I motor along! Now I’ll be thinking of you when that happens :-)

    Running today; ain’t it great how each exercise has it’s own special aches and pains, lol!
    Dr. J recently posted..Self-Confidence, Part One: A Primer on Building it and Sustaining ItMy Profile

  • John W. Zimmer

    Hey Jody! Still having fun. I bent a link in my chain climbing a hill and had the take the bike back to the shop. Got a new chain and all of the gears work again! I’m finding some nice trails in Sycamore Canyon.

    Hey Dr. J! My bike pedals are now new… with the new chain… I’m good for another few months I hope. I took a loop around the canyon basin today and then tried a climb. I ended up coming out 10 miles away from where I started – on the East side of Santee.

    Well as they say exercise is exercise. Hope ole’ Desperado holds up for you. Sounds like it has been with your for a while!

  • I just stepped over here for the first time. Love your blog, it looks like you are moving in the right direction and watch out for those zombies!

  • John W. Zimmer

    Hi Sian!

    Yep the zombies can be problematic but they are slow :)

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