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Sycamore Canyon Trail – Cool Video!


I went out to Sycamore Canyon today and after a long ride on Thursday – this one was nothing unexpected but still long. I say lots of wild life and got a shot of the second coyote I saw… but while I was trying to take pictures on a slow part of the trail – I accidentally hit record. After a few minutes I realized it and reviewed it. Not exactly a helmet cam but it worked ok so I narrated another one I’ll post here.


So that was the ride but I’m cutting this post a bit short as I wanted to get the video out there. Tomorrow I’m heading off the Mission Trails regional park to get in some miles. I’m a couple of miles from each park so with Santee Lakes and all of the surface streets (and it never rains in California) – I have plenty to keep me busy!

Take care of now all and keep busy!

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2 comments to Sycamore Canyon Trail – Cool Video!

  • That’s GREAT, John!! Liked seeing you too!

    You sure have some wonderful country to ride in!

    I had the impression that it was dangerous to use the front break without the rear, as in an over the handlebar fall?

    You will have to educate me on that.

    Anyway, loved the video! What video camera did you do that with. I didn’t see you wearing a GoPro?
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  • John W. Zimmer

    Hey Dr. J!

    I have gone over before and while initially it is quite a rush to be airborne!… the landing can be challenging. :)

    I have a 16 megapixel coolpixs by nikon – a point and shoot camera that is easy… no manual mode… about my speed.

    I did the video on a fluke and see the need to get a mount.

    I like all of the hills and trees in the mostly dry creek. I remember some of your videos… and thought I did not have the motor noise and was surprised that one could hear the narration from my little camera.

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