December 2014
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Wore down the bike; Switching to alternate exercises!

My poor bike has been getting a workout recently as I’ve been riding it every day. I was talking to a mountain biker the other day and asked him why patches don’t seem to work like I remember as a kid. He told me I was crazy to go out on a ride without a new tube and while I was at it – always keep a spare tube and pump with me on a ride.

I come from the old school meaning I don’t know much about modern bikes but I have these cool disk breaks that stop quick. I’m going to have to view a few youtube videos to learn how to clean up my bike as there is a lot of dust on the chain and gears.

I have to replace the pedals as one os almost toast too. I’m gonna head off to the store to get some supplies soon as I love bike riding for exercise.

It is still real hot here so I don’t think I’ll be kick-boxing my bag anytime soon. I did take a walk this morning and before the heat started up – that was fun.

While I always use to jog – I am holding off of that until I lose a lot more weight. I find it is far too easy to injure myself and whenever I do – I have to stop exercising.

I am really hoping the hot weather stops soon so I can do some kick-boxing!

Remember that it is the turtle that wins the race… not because he is faster but plans ahead and then works his plan!


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